Just Gold Makeup Kit - Set of 77 Pi

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Create the perfect look for any occasion by using the Just Gold Makeup Kit Set JG227 of 77 Piece. This kit is organized using trays and holders, making it easy for you to organize and locate the things that you require and put them back in the dedicated place. This makeup kit features a range of products that help you look perfect and ready every time.



1 x Liquid Foundation


4 x Shades Of Face Compact


8 x Blusher


3 x Liquid Eyeliners


3 x Mascara


5 x Eye Pencils


2 x 2 Eyeliner Powders Sets


2 x Cream Eye Shadow


2 x 6 Eyeshadow Sets


1 x 4 Eyeshadow Set


6 x Individual Eye Shadows


2 x Shimmer Powder


1 x Lip Gloss


1 x Glitter Lip Gloss


4 x Lipsticks


2 x Jumbo Lip Pencils


4 x Nail Polish


1 x Compact Mirror


6 x Sponge Applicators


1 x Blusher Brush


1 x Eyeshadow Brush


1 x Lipstick Brush


1 x Eyebrow Brush/Eye Lash Comb


1 x Portable Case

Just Gold Makeup Kit Set of 77 Piece, JG227


This Just Gold Makeup Kit is every girls dream come true. It has everything you need to look gorgeous every day. For your face it brings a liquid foundation, four shades of face compact and eight blushers. Get that mysterious look with the extensive line up of eye makeup, which include three liquid eyeliners, three mascara, five eye pencils, two eyeliner powders sets, two cream eye shadow, 2 x 6 eyeshadow sets, 1 x 4 eyeshadow set, and six individual eye shadows. The two shimmer powder additions let you sparkle your way through every function. Perfect you pout with the assortment of lip products that this kit has to offer; this includes a lip gloss, glitter lip gloss, four lipsticks, and two jumbo lip pencils. It also accommodates four shades of nail polish. A portable case lets you carry your essentials.

Just Gold Makeup Kit Set of 77 Piece, JG227


This makeup kit allows you to put together several looks by mixing products to achieve the desired effect. Application is easy when you are equipped with a blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, lipstick brush, eyebrow brush, eye lash comb, and six sponge applicators. The compact mirror lets you work on your look even when on the move. Look your best all through the day.

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